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Weekly Juice Theme

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This Weeks Juices:

Immune Boost - Carrot, Orange & Ginger

~ Apple Cinnamon- Gala Apples & Organic Cinnamon

~ Beet Strong - Carrot, Apple, Beet & Celery

Liver & Kidney Flush - Carrot, Apple, Celery, Cucumber, 

                                              Tomato, Spinach, Beet & Lemon

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Juices we've had:

1. Afternoon Break - Cucumber, Celery, Parsley & Ginger

2. Afternoon Snack - kale, spinach, cucumber & clementine

3. All My Daily Greens - Cucumber, Green Apple, Celery, Parsley Greens Mix & Lemon

4. Apple Cinnamon- Gala Apples & Organic Cinnamon

5. Beet Strong - Carrots, Gala Apple, Beets & Celery

6. Brisk Walk - Cucumber, Green Apple, Celery, Spinach, Lemon & Lime

7. Celery

8. Celery Lemonade - Alkaline Water & fresh Lemons

9. Mid-Morning Mean GREEN Juice - cucumber, celery, apples, kale, lemon & Ginger

10. Sunset Blend Juice - sweet potato, carrot, red bell pepper, red beet, apple & orange

11. Sweet Green - Spinach, Gala Apple and Mango

12. Wake Up - Carrots, Gala Apple & Ginger

13. Zingy Green - Celery, Spinach & Lemon

14. Cucumber Watermelon - Cucumber & Watermelon

15. Cucumber Lemonade - Cucumber, Lemon & Cane Sugar

16. Celery Ale - Celery, Cucumber, Lemon & Ginger

17. Immune Boost - Carrot, Orange & Ginger

18. Re-Boot - Carrot, Gala Apple, Green Apple & Celery

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