Many companies make or have someone else make for them a vitamin - mineral drink. Unfortunately, many of these companies do not use qualified researchers to formulate their drinks. Anyone can create a formula that is popular just by putting items into it that everyone has heard of especially the "latest craze or fad” items. This does not make it safe or effective. Unfortunately, even some of the self-proclaimed researchers lack the knowledge to create a safe and effective formula. This said, Dr. Maclean, who is a qualified researcher and, on the advisory, board to both National and International companies and works with the United Nations on improving Global Health through the use of supplements has been researching vitamin-mineral-herbal drinks for several years. He has advised us and has been instrumental in the development of our VITA-MIN Plus HERBS drink. Researching the products in the marketplace and listening to various speakers talk about their products, he concluded that there was not a great and safe drink of this type available. So we had him create one. And now it is available to you.


He first started with the minerals since he considers them more important than vitamins. Not a popular philosophy, but an accurate one. When your minerals are at the level that they should be, and the diet is correct, the body will make all the vitamins it needs except C. This is not the case for most all Americans. We are, and have been, deficient in minerals since the early 1930's. Dr. Maclean's search for the best minerals led him all over the U.S. He consulted with many so called "experts” on the subject. After several years he has located the best "Organic" minerals in the country. They are NOT from Utah, Arizona or anywhere in that part of the country like so many would have you believe. More detailed information can be found in our Organic Minerals section. These are the minerals that are used in our VITA-MIN Plus Herbs drink.


In the creation of a formula, the first thing that Dr. Maclean insists upon is that any formula MUST be safe. Second it MUST be effective. Third it would be nice if it taste good but this is not critical in the formulation. With these rules in hand he then looked at the various vitamins included in many of the supplements that are sold today. Some of which are actually sold only to health care professionals. MANY ARE DANGEROUS!!! To give just one example: Any and every truly qualified health researcher should know that any amount of Vitamin-A over 5,000 IU is dangerous. But for some reason, they keep putting 10,000 IU or more in their multi-vitamin or vitamin mineral formulas. Why is excess Vitamin-A dangerous? Research has shown that in women over age 40 it can dramatically increase their risk of hip fracture. One study followed 72,000 women over 18 years. It was discovered that the women who took the most Vitamin-A had TWICE the rate of hip fractures as compared to the other women in the study. It was

discovered that these women who were at high risk only took 7,000 IU a day of Vitamin-A. Several studies (which are available to all those who call themselves researchers) have shown that excess Vitamin-A actually interferes with the body's ability to absorb Vitamin-D. Vitamin-D is absolutely necessary for bone health. If Vitamin-D is absent, the body cannot absorb Calcium, which is also needed for strong bones and high bone density. Therefore, high levels of vitamin-A lead to low or non-existent levels of Vitamin-D and Calcium which can lead to hip and other bone fractures. Although Vitamin-A is necessary for the eyes, immune system and the vascular system, it must be taken in the correct amount. It is better to take only 5,000 IU of Vitamin-A, 400 IU of Vitamin-D and 10,000 IU of beta carotene. Beta carotene converts to Vitamin-A only on demand by the body thereby keeping it at a safe level. And this is only one of the considerations when creating a vitamin-mineral-herbal formula.


The next area to consider is which herbs to use if they are used at al